Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer Time (And the Choosin' is Easy)

Still on the fence about my rapidly approaching summer. I want to go to Carmichael so bad, but seeing as
a) I'm living on my personal funds currently (my parents will not miss the irony in how my weekly budget has dropped by 35%)
b) I've got a wedding next year
c) the cheapest lodge/cabin for rent at the Carmichael estates magically booked half the week I wanted RIGHT as I was looking at it, including my birthday date.
I might only be able to make it for a trip, or maybe not go at all. But if I don't go, why did I work so hard all last year to save up to go? And when will I go again? And what will I do with my nifty Scotland guide?

So maybe I'll just go to a cheaper place, a big city like Glasgow or Edinburgh, and only pay a visit to the family lands.

I'm also heavily considering WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) for the week before my birthday. It's not that I've been in Asheville so long that I'm an organic freak, but in exchange for various types of help around a farm, a family will put you up and feed you for a week for free. Sounds like an excellent way to polish off my French before I head home.

Oh, and did you see the W word up there?? Wedding, wedding, wedding, wedding, wedding. I wish I could put little music notes around it.

This weekend, I'm headed to Dublin. I kind of forgot about it in all the Spring Break excitement (and ensuing shenanigans). The weekend following, Ma and Pa will be making the transatlantic voyage to Angers. HOO. RAY! I cannot wait to see them. Should be noteworthy.

In other news, the fiance is out on his long-awaited two-week storm chase extravaganza in the Great Plains. He's currently in South Dakota, I believe, and just met his storm chasing hero Reed Timmer who was staying at the same motel. I'm a little jealous, to be honest. I've never been out West, save one trip to Colorado. Makes no sense to be jealous while I'm still in beautiful France, though!

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