Sunday, May 22, 2011

Maman et Papa

My parents arrived today! hooray!

I'm so excited to show them Angers. Now I've got to think about how to talk them into a little 21st birthday shopping. Dad will probably point out that I'm celebrating that birthday abroad, in France, a venture that is already funded by my parents. This is a minor detail.

Last week of classes before exams. Two weeks before departure to Scotland. Four weeks before return home to the the United States. The wedding bug is biting me really hard, and without specifying exactly where it's biting (this is a family website, after all), let's just use the French word: derrière.

Ready for action.
I have to shrug off that future for now, though. First, I plan on thoroughly enjoying this week with my Mom and Dad, having as much fun with my friends as possible before they go, and seriously studying for my exams. After, it's Scotland or bust, baby. I've already made reservations with Chief Carmichael of Carmichael to visit the Carmichael Estate. Life dream FULFILLED, or about to be. I've even got my tartan scarf ready to go and everything. Better work on my Gaelic before I go.

Correction: Better work on my French before exams. Bleaugh!

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