Friday, May 27, 2011

Finalizing France

Today is the last day of classes for CIDEF students, so it's bitter sweet. Kim and I had expression orale this morning at eight, and the professor told us to bring breakfast snacks for a party. I made PB&J as a cultural exchange food, and our French prof and Chinese classmate each tried some, though I couldn't figure out what their consensus on it was; the French don't really do peanut butter. Kim, however, put away quite a few. Champ!

The only thing I have left is 2 hours of Grammar, yuck, then tomorrow starts exams (yes, Saturday tomorrow. The socialists who run the bureaucracy have no problem giving everybody 6 weeks of paid vacation, but apparently that doesn't apply to foreign students on a weekend). So I have to study, study, study, say goodbye to my wonderful parents (who are returning this evening from the Mont St Michel, hopefully bearing a wee giftie for their globe trotting yet financially-disadvantaged daughter), and try to squeeze in as much time with friends as I can before I leave.

Expect a nifty France pros and cons list sometime soon, now that I've begun to figure out how everything works. I think I made one shortly after my arrival, but I can now update it with a little authority and hopefully erase previous prejudices and misunderstandings.

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