Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nice Part Two

Brief update from the Villa St. Exupery Gardens hostel. 

Nice is gorgeous. The beach is really pebbly, but the pebbles are big and comfortable, and believe it or not, actually made my back feel much much better after 3 days of laying in bed and 2 days of traveling. The water is GORGEOUS, it's turquoise and shallow and inviting, but deceptively so, as it's still too cold to swim.

Yesterday, we saw Old Nice, laid out on the beach, ate too much ice cream, and, my favorite,explored Roman ruins. YEEEEEEEES. So happy. Ecstatic, even.

Getting tired of French food. It's delicious, but there's just no variety. Every sandwich shop has the same 8 sandwiches. Every restaurant has the same pizzas and salads. Every panini place has the same 8 paninis. I'm sure if I was willing to pay more than 20 euro for a meal, I'd change my tune, but that's not a good idea at the moment. 

I'm also really, really tired of French wait service. They take your order, they bring your food, and then they disappear for an hour. They don't even swing by where you can catch their eye. Because of this, I'm always thirsty, because my tiny little French glass of tap water never gets refilled, and the one, single carafe they bring for our table is gone in a few minutes between the five of us. Sigh. Megan says that's why tips are included in France, because otherwise waiters wouldn't get any money. They certainly wouldn't from me.

Caved the day before yesterday and I bought a chicken sandwich at KFC. Before you judge me, I haven't had a single bite of American fastfood or anything since I arrived in January, unless you count an ice cream. I was still off my feed, so to speak, all the way from Wednesday, Angers, to Sunday in Nice, and everytime I thought about a French meal option, I got queasy. I just couldn't take anything else diary, on a baguette, or with weird mustard sauce. So I ordered a small chicken sandwich, and it was fried, crispy, spicy, and everything wonderful about Colonel Sanders' fine establishment. Since that sandwich, I haven't been sick. Coincidence? Nay nay.

In a recent change of plans, we've decided to add another soveriegn nation to our destination list. Monaco is only a 3 euro bus ride away, so we're making it our afternoon day trip today. We won't be able to afford anything, we've already checked, but we can look for free. Between you and me, though, faithful readers, there's a 35 euro, 20 minute Ferrari tour that you can take around Monaco, 70 if you want to drive.  I would totally do that if I was solo.

Amy and I are headed to breakfast downstairs! More another day!



  1. Glad you're feeling better, and I don't blame you for getting tired of French food after a while! Variety is good!