Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Amie de Voyage

As summer approaches, so does my deadline to find a travel buddy.

With a buddy, I can go more places, stay out later, and laugh at mishaps. This is an artist's rendering of my summer adventures (hopefully in Scotland or around France) with a buddy:
that's right! I'll get taller, my hair will grow faster, and I'll have a natural tan. 

Unfortunately, most of my CIDEF friends (read: all the ones I wouldn't kill after a week together) are leaving pretty soon after school gets out. I've started branching out, asking if maybe they have friends, or friends of friends, who are hanging around Europe for a while. I plan on calling up my buddy Loran, who studied in Scotland last year, to see if she's got anybody she trusts that's looking for a fun break. So far, it's looking bleak, and all my US friends who would dearly love to come with me can't afford the plane ticket to Europe.

This is an artist's rendering of my summer adventures if I don't find a buddy:
at least I'll still be taller, right?

So if you know any nice lady under 30 (hey, I'll be lenient, 55) that would like to explore Western Europe this summer, give her my e-mail, won't you?

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  1. I'll be in Italy...haha and I think I might have lost my travel buddy as well...lolz.